I was contacted by people deeply involved with Yo Soy 132 in Mexico. On December 1st the president will be in power, and the situation becomes very dangerous for some of them. They are now hiding and fear for their lives. And they already have to deal with the death of more then 10 persons after Global Noise… Does anyone have any resources about the procedures to immigrate to your country as a refuge?

You can directly contact them : mexicolibre132@gmail.com

Here is the message I received:
“We need urgent help. The situation is a bit difficult for us, and three comrades must leave for their safety. Would it be possible to send us an invitation from any institution in Canada to avoid having problems with the Visas, the three on them have postgraduate degrees, two women and a man . Looking forward for your answer.

This comrades are those who have led and designed civil resistance against the imposition, fraud and global mobilizations in Mexico, and on December first the new government will take the power. They started the persecution and forced disappearance of many comrades, we had to keep them hidden but the situation is very tense, it’s urgent for them to go out of the country and we are looking for all possibilities. Hopefully you will be able to give your support. Strength, Health, Justice and Freedom for all.”

This seems to be urgent… Please share widely this message!!

Thanks in advance!


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